Wednesday, 1 June 2016

H&M and drugstore HAUL

Hello! I had a little shopping spree last week and I decided to show you what I bought, I went to H&M and to drugstores DM and Müller. 

I am gonna start off by showing you the beauty products I've purchased. The first product is The Curve eyeliner by NYX. This eyeliner is the best I've ever used. A shape of the eyeliner makes the whole process really easy and I totally love it. The eyeliner is quite pricey, 14,99 €.

The next beauty product is the Fit me! foundation by Maybelline. I purchased this one in the shade 130, which is quite light shade, since my skin tone is unfortunately pale. This foundation costs around 8 €, so it is really affordable.

Since I absolutely LOVE Maybelline mascaras, I wanted to pick up some which I haven't used before. I picked up the Lash Sensational mascara, which costed me 7,99 €. I like the shape of the brush, I think it will curl my lashes nicely, I'm excited to use it. 

I've already owned this lipstick before, but unfortunately I lost it, that's why I wanted to purchase it again. The lipstick is by Essence and is in the shade 02 All you need is red. I find this lipstick really good, because it is not drying my lips and it lasts really well. This lipstick was only around 2 €. 

I purchased this eyebrow brush as well. This brush just brushes away the excess eyebrow powder from my eyebrows and let them look more natural. 

I bought this sunscreen spray by Nivea. It is actually for kids, but since my skin is quite sensitive I find it better to use sunscreens for kids. The SPF is 30, which is a really high SPF but it is suitable for my pale and sensitive skin. The sunscreen was 8,99 €.

I went to H&M and I purchased 2 pairs of sunglasses. The price of each was 7,99€. 

Last but not least, I want to show you this bikini top and bottom I purchased in H&M. I was searching for some nice detailed and black bikini so I am glad I found these. The top was 12,99 € and the bottom was 9,99 €. 

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