Sunday, 29 May 2016

Study tips

As a university student, I have to deal with a lot of paperwork and exams. Exams. Probably the most stressful and unpleasant part of the whole journey. I think that no one likes it but if you are one of those people who enjoy studying for exams then good for you. Since the exam period starts really soon I would like to share with you some tips I personally use. I hope you find them useful.

1. The right place
For me, it is really important to feel comfortable while I'm studying. I think it is really important to find the right place where you can be 100% focused on your work and not to struggle from back pain or lack of space for your materials. Then you will be more productive and studying will be more effective. My favorite place for studying is on the floor. I feel more organized and focused than when I sit at the table or on the bed.

2. Switch off your electronic devices
This step is really important. While your phone is on and lying next to you, it is hard not to check the social media. Everyone does that.However, I try to turn my phone off, put it as far away from me as possible, so I cannot see it. When you try to do that, I'm sure you're studying will be much more productive.

 3. Do not forget to take the break
Take  15 or 20 after 1,5 hours of studying. During the break you can relax, eat something, listen to music or check your social media.

4. Stay organized
Planning is another important step for effective studying. For me, it works the best when I plan the whole day. I try to study max 3 subjects  a day. I also try to do max 2 chapters of the particular subject a day. Planning may make the studying process easier and more organized.
5. Print out the materials
When you get your studying materials online, try to print them out. For me, it is much easier to look into the papers instead of the screen . You can also higlight the most important informations.

6. Do the summary
Summarizing the most important stuff from each chapter might be helpful. It is clearer than a huge paragraph from a textbook. Another advantage: while you work on the summary you remember many facts. And it might be better for you to study from your own notes than from the textbook. 

7. Do not forget to eat and drink
Even though, the studying is stressful and time consuming process, you cannot forget to eat and drink water. Studying with no energy is not gonna be effective. Try to prepare some food before you start studying, so you do not need to take way too long breaks.

8. Do not procrastinate
My last tip is: Do not procrastinate. Never. Try to study during the whole semester, so you can be more relaxed when the exam period comes.

So those are my tips for effective studying. Exams are not nice, but they are manageable. The most important thing is to study hard and stay relaxed.  
If you have any other tips for effective studying, please let me know in the comments below!
Have a nice day!

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